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Aussie Love´s



Leb Raah´s

Leb Raah´s Zig Ziggin

Lashbrook's Bing Bang Boom

Ploens (Blaz´n´) Pete

(Mayerhofers) Miss Toni Tot

Leb Raah´s Elegant in Lace

Fairoaks Lazario

Leb Raah´s Lil´Heidi

Leb Raah´s Oreo

Leb Raah´s Blue Ridge Dancer

Tristar´s Crime of Passion

Misty Mountain White Dove

Leb Raah´s Leia

Tristar´s Acclaim to Fame

Legends Crystal Blu Persuasion



Rafter Bottle Cutter

Rafter Bottle Wrangler

Patchwork´s Gifted

Rafter Bottle Mucho Moola

Valhalla´s Rose

Valhalla´s Sterling

Valhalla´s Sami

Rt´s Blue Bell

Sunshines Triple Gold

Sunshines Action Jackson

Sunshines Social Butterfly

Hot Majestic Brooke

Sir Travis

Twin Oaks II Gypsi Rose







Leb Raah

An Angels Kiss




Ch. Legends On
Eagles Wings

Ch. Zuzaxs Coupzax

Ch. Sand Canyons
Coup De Main

Ch. Foot Loose N'fancy Free of Ironwood

Ch. Lyssadons Tiffany of Deserthills

Ch.Zuzaxs O Say Can
You See Me

Ch. Zuzaxs Coup Jute of Odyssey

Odysseys O Me O My O of Zuzak

Wilmeths Shes Dee Phoebe

Gold Nuggets New Generation

Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill

Ch. Nelsons Phoebe of Gold Nugget

Ch. Starswepts Shes A Doll

Ch. Arrogance of Heatherhill

Ch. Starswepts Skys the Limit

Leb Raah Romancing Watermark

Fairoaks Lazario

Fairoaks Aladar

Fairoaks Atreyu

Boot Hills Ronita of Fairoaks

Ruders I B A Auburn Angel

Ruders Major Red Baron

Ruders Ladys Peppered Blue

Leb Raah Precious Hope

Johnsons G'day Mate

Spurs Misty Barr Amp

Midnights Wright To Excellence

Truelucs Hot Tip of Tristar

T-N-Ts Pride of the Rockies

Trueluc Bit of Honey

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